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I just got a cold storage device for the experimental cryptocurrency Bitcoin. I find it interesting. There's some good documentaries out there about Bitcoin, theres some fancy widgets for it I will probably add to this post later. Here's what I got though:


Back to documentaries. There's one titled The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin which was really interesting. I know documentaries can easily be one-sided but this one seemed to shed light on the good and bad, you just need to do some more thorough digging to find all the right info.

I wasn't too into online or software wallets so I got the Ledger. They're pretty cool devices. They can be bought at overstock.com and you can read up on what it offers at https://www.ledgerwallet.com. It can be used as a USB device to upload your bitcoin addresses and features the EMV micro processor and what looks to me, it's own personalized encryptions. I just opened it and haven't had time to read up on all the details yet but I'm pumped.

Matt Delashaw

Matt Delashaw

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