Smoker update

Smoker update

Its working!!

There's maybe a couple of weekends worth of putting the exterior on and it'll be one hundo. Maybe in that time I'll find thw time to post a how to, up to this point. There are a ton of photos.

smoker smoking

anakin "its working"

Contrary to popular practice, I used a refractory cement to hold the fire brick in place, and fill the gaps where there were some in the fire box. It will hold everything well, but fire brick is fragile and when they start breaking it'll be hell getting the bad ones out.

Anyway, the refractory cement needs heat to fully cure, so what a good time to test out the grill! Fired up some burgers and jalapenõs, and good gravy they were delish. The smoke box and fire box/grill had a temp difference of almost 2-1 so i wont have to worry about having a huge, hot fire to get things smoking. Stay posted for more!