Self Study

Self Study

In a hiatus with the blog for now. I've been incredibly busy for not having anything to do. Strange.

Checking out some ember practice ^ see there. I've been looking at certifications as well out of just a self interest and wall decoration. I've started the process to finish up my patio, and I'm looking into delving back into my Boba Fett replica I created back in '05.

I'm telling ya, I'm multi-facetted and busy. Let's see, here is something I can share with you. I've been growing my own avocados from pits for a few years now. Here's a plug for the site that got me started and is a pretty good resource:

Here was my first one, sadly, the day I decided I would set it outside for the first time, the hounds destroyed it. That put me back a year...

The before, approx. 3 feet tall

Literally 10 mins without supervision.

The after

I tried to graft the stem back together but it was lost. Guess it just hadn't developed enough to take that trauma. Started another round though.


I prefer to use finishing nails instead of toothpicks. They last longer of course. They don't mold, rot, break off, and sometimes the pit can dry up and the toothpick will fall out and the pit is now to hard to push it back in. In that case super glue and a drill bit are needed.