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I haven't made any changes yet to the site, I've been distracted with other projects around the house. I browse and research while I'm at the gym looking for inspiration though. I've made a few changes. I've set up a SSL and some HTML tweaking. More to come. After graduation in August, I began working on a concrete patio in the backyard. I'm sure this will bog down the post on loading adding all these photos, but I'll fix that.

Measuring things out.
sizing up
Busted up the old "patio".
super sledge
Built the frame and started digging footings. This was a dry, hot August/September. My timing was terrible.
dull shovels
I dug pier holes for the pergola and brick smoker I will be adding later when the weather is warmer.
digging deeper
pier hole rebar
anchor plates for pergola
Rebar all laid out, tied and sitting fancy, waiting for concrete.
dirt and metal, dirt and metal
Finally poured, colored, stamped, cured, and rinsed off.
end result

This is similar to how I plan to add a smoker in one corner. http://m.instructables.com/id/Brick-Barbeque/

Matt Delashaw

Matt Delashaw

In August 2015 I graduated from Texas Woman's University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Web development has since then been a passion so I started this blog to play around.

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