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Here it is. A North Denton Pokemon Go scanner. Its centalized near the North lakes park area so enjoy :) it will sweep out over the square, just give it some time to "scan"


UPDATE: Niantic mass IP blocked a ton of cloud hosting IP addresses so I just trashed this.

With the new buddy system, my fat ass needed to find a way to mimic walking so I can rack in those candies. CAUTION: don't get greedy. I'm assuming they're using some sort of check either using IP addresses and/or a check against distance between last know location and time. So don't make your location in New York, and seconds later you're in Albuquerque. Instead just stick in your general location. I've been able to go 5-10 miles from where I actually am. Be sure to fully close the app before you load a new location as well.

There is a work around that even allows you to simulate walking if you have a MacBook or iMac without jail breaking. There's plenty of videos out there so I'm not linking anyone giving them free advertisement, but essentially you run Xcode on your Mac. You create a dummy app that will run in the background who's sole purpose is to access Xcode's location simulation.

Just follow one of the video guides on how to do this up to the point where you load a GPX file. You can use Google maps, but i like to go to Geoplaner.com where you can plot multiple points and export them as a GPX file instead of creating one manually. To simulate walking you need a GPX file with multiple waypoints(WPT). To do this, just plot a straight line, making each waypoint as close to the previous as possible. Once you export the file, we'll need to create a loop so that when you get to the end of the string of waypoints your not teleporting back to the beginning.

One way is to open your gpx file, select all the <wpt></wpt> pairs, and depending on the text editor you opened the file in, there should be an option to transpose, flip, or reverse the text. This way your character will start backtracking once they reach the end of the path you've created. When you flip the text, there's going to be a closing </wpt> at the start of the second half of the loop, so you'll need to move that to the end of the file.

Another way to do this is just make a circular path so that the last waypoint ends up next to the beginning of your route. Cuts down on all the text editing, but you have to manually plot more waypoints, unless theres a "draw to plot" online tool I haven't found yet. Pair this with some of the online maps of nests, real time spawn locations, or iconic locations and this game finally becomes fun again. GL

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