Patio 2.0/Coffee Table

Patio 2.0/Coffee Table

Project patio is well underway. Part 1 of 3 of the smoker is constructed, and curing. I'll post a full summary after its completion. With rain in the forecast for the next foreseeable future, my masonry work will have to be put on hold. So I'm going to be brushing up on the C programming languages.

In the meantime. We're redesigning our living room with different furniture. We got a really good deal on a sectional and over-sized chair, problem was, it takes up a strange area so my original coffee table wasn't going to fit the space well.

The misses found some inspiration on Pinterest so we set out on making our own. First she did some measuring to get a size idea, then she ordered some premade round table tops. When those arrived, I set in on getting them stained all manly like.

staining the table tops

We shopped around for some black iron pipes to give it an industrial feel, just FYI, those pieces can add up quick. Shop around or you'll be paying more than what you would if you had just bought something similar from somewhere else.

finished coffee table

finished end table