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Kenda Delashaw

We lost my mother on September 21, 2014 in a motorcycle accident. She was returning from a rally in Riudoso, New Mexico when they lost contol on the bike due to wet roads. After a long wait of picking out a headstone, and then the even longer wait of waiting for it to be ordered and installed, it has finally been placed.

Its such a beautiful granite, couldnt be happier with our decision. Me and my brother headed up into Ada, Oklahoma where Boadie Anderson quarries is located to pick it out. From there, our sales rep Jeff kept us updated with where things were at and when we could expect it.

My mother was a kindergarten teacher, and to carry on her memory, we started a scholarship fund in her name. NCTC administrates the fund, and one student from Callisburg Highschool, where she worked, will be selected. If anyone ever comes across this and would like to donate any amount to the fund, here is a link to their site to donate, its a great tax write off! Unless they change their site layout and the link becomes broken, this should work:

https://quikpayasp.com/nctc/commerce_manager/payer.do?orderType=Fund Raising

Any scholarship can be donated to, or even left to NCTC where the donation will go. To give to my mother's fund, specify its going to the Kenda Kay Webb Delashaw scholarship.

Matt Delashaw

Matt Delashaw

In August 2015 I graduated from Texas Woman's University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Web development has since then been a passion so I started this blog to play around.

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