I was made aware of a bug with the menu button not functioning. It works on safari but is unresponsive on other browsers. I wouldn't expect any of the changes I had made to cause this but I'm looking into it. If you're on a desktop, you can right click the button, and open the link in a new tab, then the menu will function properly on the new page. Surely this isn't a problem with Ghost since everyone seems to use it, I must have done something and haven't found it.

I'll post an update if I find the problem in case others come across this. I'm finding some sources saying it is from using a proxy service, so I may resort to a static menu. What I know, chrome tells me arctic_scroll is not being defined in content/themes/casper/assets/js/index.js which has to do with the "arrow quick scroll" so probably unrelated directly. Pretty self explanatory, but something is causing the body.home-template.nav-closed to not change to nav-opened.

More source code digging and error checking has showed there is a problem with Cloudflare's SSL blocking the JavaScript. Don't understand why I'm able to duplicate this problem only with Safari browsers.

And 30 seconds later I can confirm it was caused by Cloudflare. They have a beta service called Rocket Loader for running JavaScripts faster and can cause problems if they involve JQuery, which the menu button does. This explains why the JavaScript for the "arrow quick scroll" was throwing an error too. I'll remove that and set a size limit to that huge heading.

Here's the link to their troubleshooting guide.

and here is more on Rocket Loader. What it does and how you can adjust its settings. JavaScripts can be manually added to an ignore list, which I will do soon enough for the menu button.

I cross browser tested with Safari and Firefox, but after I deployed UniverSSL with Cloudflare, I didn't think I would develop new problems and worked exclusively with Safari on my MacBook. Now that the menu has my attention. I'd like to set up a rss subscription with the subscribe button. I plan to add an about me section as well, and I may change it to a static menu as well.