So I got an email the other day saying my site is official AdSense approved. I'm not to happy with how the banner positions itself though. It's a responsive banner so it adjusts it's own size, but it positions itself on the page funky. Ugh, I was wanting to work on the header but this thing is getting on my nerves so it gets priority one.

Ok, so that was really easy to fix. I didn't even have to tweak any CSS. The backend editor was where I had placed the code in the footer code injection. It apparently doesn't count that as inline and therefore doesn't format it with the other elements in the default.hbs file. Ugh, this thing generates a ton of browser errors. I see I'm not the only one with this problem either. It generates anywhere from 6 - 33+ errors and 20+ warnings so I'm not sure if I will hang onto this thing.

Now the heading. I really want to shorten the height of the heading since it serves no purpose to me. The CSS for it is using height: 100vh; so it's using up all the available height in the viewport which I guess is mainly for photography purposes? I'll have to dig through and find the div.vertical and adjust its size. Or make a work around where the child background image determines the size. I'm going to take a break and add to this later. I just wanted to make sure I post pretty regularly.

Added Disqus comments. I'll try to tackle the formatting tomorrow.

Matt Delashaw

Matt Delashaw

In August 2015 I graduated from Texas Woman's University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Web development has since then been a passion so I started this blog to play around.

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