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Software Engineer - Dallas Texas

Software Engineer - Dallas Texas - Site Under Constructions
Software Engineer - Dallas Texas - Site Under Constructions

Stormtroopers at work

Well I decided I wanted a website to flex my programming skills. With guidance from a friend, https://sethbrasile.com, I decided the format of my website would be a blog.

Most of the things that will go on here, you will never see. It will happen "behind the scenes" unless you follow closely and notice layout changes and such. I will share tech articles as well as a mix of my own achievements.

I know blogs are intended to be focused on one subject, but I'm not doing this for fandom and income. I'm a multi-faceted individual and this blog is mine and it will reflect that.

I intend to explore some of the google API implementation as well as some of the popular social media APIs. I don't know specifics yet of what I'll do or what I'll find, but rest assured, it will be here if I find it interesting.